Friday, June 10, 2005

How Do Living Expenses of the Parties Factor into Child Support Calculations?

Answer: Under Arizona family law, day-to-day living expenses really do not factor in at all in the Arizona family court's calculations. In other words, the Arizona Child Support Guidelines and Arizona Family Court system do not take into account whether a party to a divorce or paternity case has a high car or house payment, lives in an upscale neighborhood, likes to take his/her child to Vail on vacations or carries a great amount of debt. While the Arizona Family Court ignores those sorts of things, it will take into account certain specific categories of expenses such as health insurance, childcare expenses, extraordinary child-based expenses, certain education expenses and a 10% adjustment for children age 12 or older. In addition, court-ordered spousal maintenance, court-ordered child support and an adjustment for supporting other natural/adopted children are considered in determining each parent's income. Finally, the amount of time actually spent and/or ordered factors into Arizona child support calculations in a big way.

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